Reader of the Week: Karen McMaster of Kellyville

If you would like to be a reader of the week, email
If you would like to be a reader of the week, email

´╗┐´╗┐Three people I would love to invite to dinner: Yolain, Susan and Crista, my girlfriends from overseas.

The best advice I ever received: "The quality of a person's position is not as important as the qualities they possess."

Most amazing thing I've ever done: Travelled to America to work at summer camps with special needs children and being the only bus driver to drive the kids from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon.

I would spend my last $10 on: Mersey cheese and crackers to share with the kids.

My greatest fear: Not being able to get up on one ski this summer.

My fantasy job: A jockey.

If I could travel back in time I would love to . . . See my first horse Cobber.

People say I look like: My twin sister.

My favourite phrase: "We all have choices."

My last meal would be . . . Steak with mushroom sauce, green bean salad and chips.

I'm always being asked: If I ever stop talking.

What people may not know about me: I originally lived in Boomi, north-western NSW. Population 100.

A movie I think everyone should see: Rabbit Proof Fence.

I will never throw out: My North Sydney Leagues baseball uniform worn when my husband was in a mixed baseball team.

True love is . . . Be 100 per cent trustworthy.

My biggest fashion faux pas: Dressing like Boy George.

On my bedside table is: Gifts from my children.

Weirdest thing in my glovebox: Two AFL trophies.