UWS course cuts going ahead

Academics at the University of Western Sydney are resigned to mass course and staff cuts going ahead, despite the board of trustees considering submissions against the proposal.

Dr George Morgan from the university’s school of humanities and communication arts said the overhaul was a ‘‘fait accompli’’.

‘‘My understanding is the plan is going ahead to cut three languages, they are in my school so I know that one for sure,’’ he said.

‘‘The bachelor of economics will not be offered any more but they have left a major in economics, which is a concession, in the business degree.’’

IInternal documents show 34 units were cut from humanities this year with another another 57 to be axed from the bachelor of arts degree, which will wipe out the submajors in animation, performance arts and writing. From the bachelor of communication there are 12 units on the chopping block.

At least 14 degree programs from the school of business, including economics, financial advising and masters degrees in business, accountancy, economics and commerce will not be offered from next year.

The university’s executive had said through a spokesman that it was reviewing submissions to the proposal before finalising plans.

But Dr Morgan said that was simply an industrial process that the university’s executive was required to take and not a real consultation in good faith.

The large-scale overhaul of courses was put in place by the university after it received a $14 million shortfall in government funding this year.

The courses chosen for the chopping block had seen reduced numbers of applicants in recent years, or a dramatic loss of cohorts this year as a result of the government’s policy to uncap the number of student places at universities, a spokesman for UWS said.

Note: An earlier version of this story said 57 subjects were to be cut from the bachelor of communication degree but should have said from the arts degree.

The story UWS course cuts going ahead first appeared on Parramatta Sun.

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