New Year's Baby: Fynn welcomed to the world

CHERIE Donnelly was home alone when her water broke on New Year's Eve.

Fynn Donnelly pushed his way into the world on New Year's Day at 4.10am, weighing 3.552 kilograms.

"I went into labour at about five to 12," Mrs Donnelly said. "I was actually asleep.

"Brett [her husband] was in Concord Hospital so my mum came and picked me up.

"He had got some skin grafts on New Year's Eve after some hot oil burnt his arm at work, so no New Year's kiss for me — just one from Fynn."

The first baby to be born in 2013 at Norwest Private Hospital, Fynn was born under the snake sign.

Snakes commonly become philosophers, theologians, politicians — and cunning financiers.

"That will be nice; he can look after us in our old age," said Mrs Donnelly of Quakers Hill.

Fynn, who already has a sister in 21-month-old Eva, has since met dad.

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