Reader of the Week: Trish Miller of Winston Hills

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Three people I would love to invite to dinner: Sir Paul McCartney, Justin Hayward and Dame Agatha Christie.

The most amazing thing I've ever done: Travel around Europe.

The best advice I ever received: "Marry him, you won't get anyone else".

I would spend my last $10 on . . . flowers.

My biggest fear: Snakes.

My fantasy job: Entertainer.

If I could travel back in time I would love to . . .see the world hundreds of years ago and how people lived.

My favourite phrase: "Jiminy crickets!"

My last meal would be . . . lobster mornay.

My most embarrassing moment: Realising my bikini was see-through as I got out of the water.

I wish I hadn't . . . had to grow up.

What people may not know about me: That my nickname of Shirley comes from my powers of deduction — Sherlock Holmes no less.

I'm always being asked . . . "Where is my other sock?"

I will never throw out . . . my books.

My biggest fashion faux pas: Wearing hot pants.

In the future . . . I hope humanity doesn't get lost in technology.

My earliest memory: Getting lost and ending up in the police station.

Favourite book as a child: Enid Blyton books — all of them.

People say I look like: Sandy Shaw.

Weirdest thing in my glovebox: A sock.

A movie everyone should see:The King and I.

True love is…Never having to say you're sorry.

My first car was: Morris 1800.

On my bedside table is: Books.


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