Meet our student leaders: Crestwood Public School

This week we meet the school captains of Crestwood Public School at Baulkham Hills whose motto is 'Onwards and Upwards'.

What is unique about your school?

Mia McGuire: Everyone is friendly and nobody is left out.

Natasha Ng Chiu Hing: We all work together and co-operate  with each other.

Caleb Wang: We have a lot of fund raisers and donate a lot of money to charities.

Isaac Titterton: We have many encouraging teachers.

What do you want to do when you leave school?

Mia McGuire: Be creative, like making something, or be a dance teacher.

Natasha Ng Chiu Hing: Not sure but hope to get a good education that will give me a head start in life.

Caleb Wang: A good job that earns lots of money.

Isaac Titterton: Architect

Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Mia McGuire: It brings out more maturity in front of the school.

Natasha Ng Chiu Hing: You can represent your school with pride and give Crestwood a good name.

Caleb Wang: Because you are a role model for younger children in the school.

Isaac Titterton: So that I am able to have a say in decisions.

If you were the principal what would like to introduce?

Mia McGuire: Swimming pool so we can host our own swimming carnival.

Natasha Ng Chiu Hing: Dodgem cars to move around the school with.

Caleb Wang: Massive tree house with ropes and a flying fox.

Isaac Titterton: Build a water theme park.

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