To share food

Marion Grasby, cookbook author and creator of Marion's Kitchen ingredient kits, says that what she enjoys most about cooking is the eating!

Ms Grasby recently moved to Bangkok for her own television show and to work on her kitchen ingredient range.

"Over there I can work more closely with my suppliers and producers for my Marion's Kitchen range," Ms Grasby said. "And I've also just finished filming my own cooking show called Marion's Thailand, which goes to air in June on the Lifestyle Food channel."

Ms Grasby says she decided to bring out a range of ingredient kits and a cook book because the wonderful thing about food is that it's best when shared.

"I've always loved sharing food with friends, and releasing my Marion's Kitchen range, and my cookbook has meant I'm able to share with a much, much bigger bunch of friends."

Ms Grasby says she can thank her mum for her obsession with food.

"I grew up eating her traditional Thai food and cooking alongside her in the kitchen.

"I think that's what started it all."

In 2011 Ms Grasby published her first cook book called Marion: Recipes and Stories from a Hungry Chef and said that the way we ate and cooked told a very personal story about the places we've been.

"My book and the recipes within it are a little snapshot of my life," Ms Grasby said.

"I hope people find those stories interesting, or at the very least find some tasty things to cook."

When attempting the recipes Ms Grasby says to have fun.

"Food should always be fun, otherwise what's the point?" she said.

Ms Grasby's favourite recipe is her traditional Thai breakfast soup called Khao Thom.

"Just the smell of this fragrant rice soup cooking on the stove brings back memories of many weekend breakfasts with my family," she said. "And for that reason, this recipe never fails to make me smile."

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