VIDEO: Performer born to be a circus professional

AT the age of three, Yuriy Abrosimov decided that he wanted to run away with the circus.

"I went to the circus in my town and it was the grand opening of the circus building which in most towns in Russia there are buildings that are dedicated to circus," Abrosimov said.

"When I went with my family to the opening, I came to the stage as a kid and I saw the clowns, and I really liked them.

"I'm not hear my parents, so I go through the stage and everyone is watching me.

"I stand on stage for five minutes and I make people laugh.

"That was my first experience on stage."

Watch our video interview with Abrosimov, filmed by Gene Ramirez, below:

When he was 12, Abrosimov went to the Uzbekistan School of Circus, with a particular focus on clowning, the rollo-bollo cylinder and balancing.

At 16 he joined the Moscow Circus and continued his studies at Moscow Musician College as well as the University of Culture Moscow.

He said he spent five years learning how to perfect his moves and performances.

"To do the circus you need to study so you can learn the professional skills," Abrosimov said.

This is Abrosimov's third time performing in Australia and his first with Michael Edgley's Great Moscow Circus, now in its second year of a three-year tour.

He performs as a clown but also has responsibilities for choreography, music, costuming and production.

"Two years ago, Michael Edgley's Great Moscow Circus invited me to do my things," he said.

"I had some great ideas to do more Russian things for The Great Moscow Circus.

"I had two proposals and they accepted both my ideas and that was very very exciting and very interesting to do my job here because this circus is the most strongest circus and company in Australia.

"They gave me the task to work with the best of the best in Australia."

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