Making debut in Shakespeare in the Park

YOUNG performers from The Hills will make their acting debut during the theatre company Sport For Jove’s annual Sydney Hills Shakespeare in the Park.  

Up to 18 young talents were recruited to star in the new play Exit, Pursued By A Bear.

The play will run from December 19 to December 21 at historic Bella Vista Farm and includes a collection of scenes from Shakespeare’s plays strung together. 

Madeleine Abbott, 17, of Oatlands, was one of the lucky Hills residents selected for a role. She will play three characters in different scenes including a witch, Lady Macbeth and a Cynic Siren.

Miss Abbott said audiences attending the production would find it ‘‘hilarious’’.  

‘‘It’s very very funny,’’ she said.

‘‘The way George [Sport For Jove director George Banders] has written the script is so incredible and all the kids working on it are all hilarious and outgoing. 

‘‘It’s just really good and it’s been an amazing time.’’  

Like many of the actors in the production, this will be Miss Abbott’s first acting gig with an established production company. 

‘‘I’ve learnt so much,’’ she said. 

‘‘I’ve never done a Shakespeare play before. 

‘‘I’ve read a lot of Shakespeare and I’ve studied it, but I never actually performed it and just to have that experience is amazing.’’ 

After being selected, the young actors went through training which included how to read Shakespeare plays. Miss Abbott said it was ‘‘amazing’’ to see so many young people talking about Shakespeare. 

‘‘Usually if you talk to teenagers about Shakespeare they will be like ‘it’s boring and awful’.

‘‘But we have been having so much fun and just seeing 13- and 14-year-old kids having fun with Shakespeare is a really amazing thing to watch.’’

Tickets: $10. 


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