Berry performs for Leeds FC

ADAM Berry is living the boys’ own adventure young footballers dream of.

Berry,  part of the Leeds FC development squad, made the storybook dream debut by  scoring a goal in a 3-1 win over Derby County.

 Not bad for a kid from Castle Hill juniors and Galston High School.

He’d have lots of stories to tell the folks back home, except the folks back home have been over to see the story unfold.

The update?

‘‘It’s one of the biggest clubs in Europe and it’s fantastic,’’ said father Steve.

‘‘They’ve got physios, doctors, their own teachers ...’’

 Berry was not speaking as  an  innocent, wide-eyed soccer tourist.

He spent 13 years playing with Blacktown City. 

So there’s a bit of pedigree there, and 16-year-old Berry has progressed through Castle Hill, Blacktown City juniors, and as

 co-captain of the Australian under-13s.

Dad said it was while his son was playing with Australia in Malaysia that he was spotted by a scout, and the try-outs led to Leeds.

The two-year scholarship includes education, and the extended diploma in sport provides qualification to a university, if that’s a goal.


‘‘He’s been coping really well,’’ said Dad, but adding of the separation, ‘‘it’s been difficult for his mother Julie’’.

Berry snr said that under the contract an annual visit home was paid for, so the separation anxiety hadn’t been great.

Berry jnr had spent the first part of the year playing for Blacktown City under-18s while waiting to see whether he’d made the cut with the renowned club.

 He  started his football life at just four, in the Castle Hill United Funskills program.

Fun ... that’s what it still is among the discipline and hard work, but the discipline and hard work will dictate where he goes, literally and figuratively.

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