Hornsby Shire worst offenders for leaving dogs in cars

Hornsby Shire has been named one of the worst locations in the state for dogs being left in cars on hot days.

Hornsby Shire was ranked seventh in NSW by the RSPCA, which received 13 complaints about dogs left in hot cars in this shire between 2008 and 2013.

 Hornsby mayor Steve Russell has urged residents to think twice about taking their pets with them in vehicles, after 

“Of course, there are two ways to look at this statistic – we could also be proud that we have a lot of thoughtful citizens who report these incidents instead of ignoring them,’’ Mr Russell said.

‘‘But the central point remains that people need to make sure they do not leave their pets in cars where they could die.

‘‘They often refer to dogs as man’s best friend because of their unquestioning loyalty and love, so it is terrible that their owners could repay this with such absent-minded neglect." 

So far this summer the council’s animal control officers have received three reports of dogs left in hot cars, but Mr Russell said the council is not the best body to report it to. 

‘‘If you see a distressed pet trapped in a car you need to phone the police or the RSPCA,’’ he said. 

‘‘They have the power to break into a car to rescue the pet, while the council does not.’’

Steve Coleman, CEO of RSPCA NSW, said the message has to start getting through to pet owners.

He said it only takes six minutes for a dog to die in a hot car.

‘‘If an animal is deprived of water and ventilation, it will literally cook from the inside out,’’ he said. 

‘‘It’s awful, absolutely awful. 

‘‘It’s great that people are keen to take their furry family member on excursions, but if you're just running down to the shops to get some milk, maybe leave the dog at home.’’ 

Details: justsixminutes.com.au to take the RSPCA pledge to never leave a pet in a hot car. 

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