Crestwood High has the right brew 

CRESTWOOD High School's barista program is brewing up interest among its students.

The program, which has seen more than 300 students complete the course since 2005, teaches students the art of coffee making.

Head teacher of administration Peter Govan started the program to engage the male students.

"We felt there was a lack of boys being connected to the school," Mr Govan said.

"[With the course] they take ownership of the coffee shop, they meet other boys of their own age, work with mentors that guide them and also work closely with staff."

Students from year 10 start the course in the school's Blooms Cafe and learn about grinding, brewing and cleaning.

Year 11 students, who participated in the program the year before, guide them through the beverage-making process.

Students then sell their hot and cold drinks to the teachers.

Mr Govan said the course had been very successful.

"We are seeing students happier because they are more connected to the school," he said.

"It's a love and willingness to contribute to the school."

Year 11 student, Bradley Adams, completed the program last year and said it gave him a reason to come to school.

"It teaches you to try hard as you learn different things," he said. "It's very enjoyable."

The 16-year-old has used his new skills to get a job in a coffee shop.

"It was a big achievement for me," he said.

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