Kellyville author gives murder victims a voice

WEIRD looks often come with the job of being a crime-fiction writer.

Kellyville-based author Kathryn Fox knows those looks all too well . . . but says people are often surprised to see her in person.

"When I do a lot of speaking I inject a lot of humour in it," Dr Fox said.

"I'll have an audience laughing and crying within minutes.

"Then they are like, 'she is really funny'."

Dr Fox will release her seventh novel, Fatal Impact in March.

It follows the story of physician and pathologist Anya Crichton who pairs up with internal affairs detective Oliver Parke to unravel the sinister connections between the fatal food poisoning epidemic, a covered-up study, the shady deals of a multinational corporation and the alleged murder of a local scientist.

Dr Fox's love of crime fiction novels developed from an interest in forensic medicine.

"It developed while I was in general practice in this area," she said.

"So that meant seeing victims of violence, families of murder victims and also perpetrators.

"Basically, in general practice you see people from all walks of life."

Her writing career began in 1996 as a medical journalist.

Next she was writing novels.

"I had no stories to tell and then I had lots of stories to tell and reasons to tell them," Dr Fox said.

"Then I wanted to give victims a voice.

"But now I write about bigger issues and not about sexual assault. I write about quite controversial topics in my book."

Dr Fox said her stories emerge from facts that fascinate — or frustrate — her when reading stories in the paper she doesn't believe are presenting both sides of the story.

"It can just be a trigger like somebody has food poisoning that I know or there is a spate of food poisoning and I think 'what if'," she said.

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