Kellyville High School deputy is farewelled

KELLYVILLE High School's place on the cutting-edge of new planning proposals for schools has led to deputy principal Melanie Groth's fond farewell.

She was invited to take a role at the Department of Education and Communities' state office to help school principals across NSW implement the system trialled by her colleagues in 2012.

"It will be a very challenging job," Mrs Groth said.

"A plan is a plan, but in the past it has been very set out in a pro forma that . . . sits in a file somewhere and we evaluate it when we do our annual school report.

"This document is really about a school identifying what its purpose is.

"It's really trying to improve student learning."

The new process allows schools to set up milestones and teams to work on each one, with progress checked at the middle and end of each term.

"The whole school knows what the plan is where previously it sat in the principal's office or the deputy's office and no one really referred to it too much," she said.

"This one is a real living document for the staff and students, and the parent community. It's on our website, so it's quite a different way of working in schools."

Mrs Groth said she would miss the Kellyville school's community and was overwhelmed by well-wishers.

"I'll miss the students," she said.

"They're a really vibrant bunch."

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