GALLERY: It's just the sport for Hills high flyers

IS it a bird? No, it's a flock . . . of electric model planes flying south-east of Fagan Park every morning.

And on any given day you can find 20 to 30 enthusiasts craning their necks to spot their aircraft looping and rolling in the sky — unless it's windy or raining: then flying's off.

Click here to see these aircraft in action.

The owners of these aircraft have one thing in common: a love of building and flying electric model aircraft.

"The actual flying is wonderful, learning the various acrobatic manoeuvres — and the companionship," Geoff Stanfield, of Dural, said.

At 70, he is neither the youngest (that would be 11) or eldest member of Hornsby Electric Model Flying Club.

"We have members in their 80s," Mr Stanfield said.

He joined the social club six years ago and has been president for four.

"My son lived in England at the time and told me he'd bought a plane, crashed it, then bought another plane and crashed it and I said, 'Gee, I'd like to do that'," Mr Stanfield said. He Googled "electric flying club" and found this one.

"The president at the time, Russell Cardow, taught me to fly and now I teach people," he said.

"One of my [seven] planes alone is $800 but you can get planes in the air for $200."

■ Members meet at Fagan Park, Galston, 8am to 1pm daily, and until 4pm on Wednesdays and Sundays.

■ Details: Call club secretary Gary Hoggard on 0413 441 813 or email

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