Dural Park Oval closed due to vandals

Cricket games have been cancelled and Dural Rugby Club has been forced to find another location to train after Dural Park Oval was vandalised. 

Hornsby mayor Steve Russell has slammed the actions of a driver who broke into Dural Park Oval last weekend and caused $2500 worth of damage by driving on the playing field.

The driver accessed the field by cutting the chain on a locked gate.

‘‘It’s simply horrendous that somebody could have such little regard for the community,’’ Mr Russell said. 

‘‘These fields belong to all of us and it’s very hard to stomach when somebody goes out of their way to cause this kind of damage.’’

The council workers are currently on site, stomping down the grass by foot to limit the amount of damage when the ground dries, while full-scale repairs are scheduled to begin the week of March 17. 

‘‘This stupid action has cost the amount of a new footpath somewhere in the shire,’’ Mr Russell said.

‘‘‘I’m sure the residents would prefer a new footpath instead of subsidising some hoon’s warped sense of fun.’’ 

There was a similar incident at Hayes Oval the same weekend, when two padlocks were cut and a vehicle drove on the playing surface. 

The damage was less severe and Hayes Oval is still open.

Police are investigating both incidents. 

‘‘The council spends a lot of time and money – money that has been earned by the ratepayers of this shire – making sure there are top quality playing fields and this type of vandalism will not be tolerated.’’ 

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