Kellyville Post Office still delivers after 125 years of service

A STAMP cost a shilling when the first Kellyville post office opened in the public school on the corner of Acres and Windsor roads on January 1, 1889.

Hear an oral history recording here at Hills Voices Online. 

Kellyville's postcode was 2153 in 1889, and the postmistress was Mary Price. Her salary was £10 a year.

Before then, Kellyville had no post office.

The town was only a point on a daily route taken by a contractor from Parramatta to Rouse Hill and back.

So it's lucky for Frank De Masi that more than 100 residents of Rouse Hill, Windsor Road, Nelson and Riverstone fought for a post office, or he would not have been celebrating one year as its owner on Friday.

"I'm actually honoured to be here on the [125th] anniversary," said Mr De Masi.

He celebrated both anniversaries by cutting a cake with a photo of the post office as it looked in 1932.

The post office was also located across the road from its present location in Cecily Centre, Windsor Road, until 1973 before relocating in 1980.

Mitchell MP Alex Hawke and The Hills mayor Michelle Byrne turned out on Friday to hear the postal stories of Mr De Masi — he set up the Sydney 2000 Olympic Village post office — and Kellyville customer of 11 years Bill Green, 79.

"When I first left school at 15 I was a telegram boy for the Postmaster-General's Department," Mr Green said.

Mr De Masi said the history of Kellyville Post Office was equally as important as the history of the Redden family, who were in charge of the post office from 1897 to 1934.

They saw the Baulkham Hills tramway open in 1902. Money order and savings bank facilities were introduced to Kellyville Post Office in the 1930s.

But people still picked up their mail in person — unless you lived along Green, President, Windsor or Wrights roads.

Then your mail was delivered by Dovey and Gwen Sherwood who walked every day to the post office, rain, hail or shine, as a favour to everyone.

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