Nightmare on Lexington creator to meet with Baulkham Hills MP

THE woman behind Facebook page Nightmare on Lexington will meet with Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott on Friday to discuss the grievances of local drivers.

Louise McDonald, of Rouse Hill, let her Facebook followers know this afternoon that she will be using this opportunity to share the traffic concerns of those who drive in Norwest Business Park and the impact the heavy slow-moving traffic is having on people.

She said she also planed to share with him their ideas on how to improve conditions and to find out from Mr Elliott what was planned for the business park and over what time frame.

‘‘It can take up to 45 minutes just to get out of our [office] driveway, left or right,’’ Ms McDonald told the News on March 4.

Her office block is about 500 metres from the Celebration/Lexington Drive intersection.

Off-peak it takes her seven minutes to drive home to Rouse Hill.

In peak times it can take an hour.

‘‘Since this page was created [on February 6], many suggestions have been posted on what you would recommend to do to fix our daily problems,’’ Ms McDonald stated on Facebook today.

She said the most common suggestions were to:

■ Open the back of an existing car park to exit directly onto Old Windsor Road, making it a left-hand turn only;

■ Replace the roundabout on the Norwest Boulevarde and Lexington Drive intersection with traffic lights; and/or

■ Widen the entire length of Lexington Drive to two lanes and remove any street parking.

Ms McDonald has asked her more than 1400 followers to let her know which option they prefer.

Norwest Business Park is home to 15,000 workers, a figure expected to double by 2031, and the headquarters of major national and international companies.


■ March 11, 2014: Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott accepts Louise McDonald's challenge to take up motorists' concerns about traffic in Norwest Business Park. Click here for more; and

■ March 4, 2014: Click hereto read how The Hills Council, Roads and Maritime Services, and Norwest Association responded to comments made on the Nightmare on Lexington page.

■ What would you do to improve the traffic flow in Norwest Business Park?

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