VIDEO: Report fake notes to the bank, say Hills police

HILLS’ acting crime manager, Katie Orr, said suspect banknotes should be taken to the issuing bank for verification.

‘‘We can’t determine if it’s a fake note or not,’’ she said.

‘‘We send it to the Australian Federal Police.’’

 Always check your banknotes, warns a resident who was nearly caught out.

Always check your banknotes, warns a resident who was nearly caught out.

Her comment follows a claim by a mother of six from Kenthurst that a fake $50 note was withdrawn from a local ATM last week.

Davena Irish said she withdrew $200 at Round Corner on March 10 and noticed one was ‘‘a funny colour’’.

‘‘It’s very obviously a fake,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s got no watermark, it’s a different size to the other notes and it looks like the little plastic window has been cut out and stuck on.’’

VIDEO: Clickhere to watch a video by the Reserve Bank of Australia on how to spot a fake banknote.

Ms Irish was told by her bank to bring the note in and they’d exchange it, which was the best advice they could give, according to acting inspector Katie Orr.

‘‘I’m not aware of any others [in circulation],’’ she told the News today.

‘‘The likelihood of catching anyone for it is very minimal.’’

The issuing bank said Ms Irish’s banknote would be sent to the Reserve Bank of Australia which is responsible for the issue, reissue and cancellation of Australian banknotes.

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TIP: To determine if a suspect banknote is a counterfeit, compare it with a banknote known to be genuine. 


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