Student leaders: Kellyville High School

This week we meet the leaders of Kellyville Public School whose motto is Learning Excellence Integrity. 

Read their Q&A: 

1. What is unique about you school?

Wendy Chow, VC: I love the fact that it has a good school spirit.

Annie Lim, C: There are so many avenues for students to go down. There's something for everyone. 

Jasmine Alvarez, VC: I love our school because there is lots of diversity.

Matthew Campbell, C: The numerous peer support groups. It’s a tight knit school.

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Wendy Chow, VC: I'm thinking about being a primary teacher 

Annie Lim, C: Maybe go into advertising.

Jasmine Alvarez, VC: Hoping to go into psychology.

Matthew Campbell, C: I want to go into politics.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Wendy Chow, VC: Because every school needs a leader. It's important for the juniors to have someone to look up to.

Annie Lim, C: Because you are a good example for younger students.

Jasmine Alvarez, VC: It gives you a good experience with responsibility. 

Matthew Campbell, C: We act as a role model. Most importantly we can talk to the other students and act like a bridge between the students and the teachers. 

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Wendy Chow, VC: Anything that the student council put forward would get approved.

Annie Lim, C: Have everything in the canteen free.

Jasmine Alvarez, VC: I'd extend recess and lunch.

Matthew Campbell, C: I'd give up a lot of my power and give it back to the students. Give them the power to make decisions not the executives. 

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