'We don't need another supermarket': Dural & Round Corner Chamber

IF IT were up to Rod Cuevas, a proposed mixed-use development at Dural would be taller than recommended, wouldn't include a supermarket and would have a much wider central civic space.

As president of the Dural and Round Corner Chamber of Commerce, he said it was crucial the vista from the development site, on 488-494 Old Northern Road at Dural, was not spoilt.

He felt the mix of shops proposed would hurt existing business at the Round Corner shopping mall across the road and pointed to The Hills Council's own report where it stated, "There is a current oversupply of supermarket floor space in the main trade area of Round Corner".

But The Hills deputy mayor Andrew Jefferies said: "We're not here to be the market force, the market determiner. I really need to emphasise that point.

"It [the planning proposal] is a catalyst to revitalise this whole city."

He said the application supported the council's themes of rejuvenation, connectivity and infrastructure.

The 70-shop, 21-townhouse and supermarket plan came before the council on March 11.

All of the councillors — bar three — supported the motion as written.

"It's putting the cart before the horse," said Pat Clay, a representative of a new resident action group.

"No approval has yet been given by the state government for the 3000 dwellings [at South Dural, in Hornsby Council] on which this proposal relies."

A total of 114 submissions were received in response to the planning proposal, including four from state agencies not named and one from Hornsby Council who consider the proposal may limit or be inconsistent with the future planning which will be undertaken in relation to a potential future urban release area in their local government area, to be known as South Dural.

Roads and Maritime Services raised no objection to the proposal, provided access to both commercial and residential elements is via a signalised four-way intersection at Old Northern Road and Franlee Road for which the developer would allocate land.


■ 2500sqm supermarket floor space;

■ 2400sqm commercial floor space;

■ 1600sqm of specialty shops;

■ 8000sqm residential floor space, comprising 21 townhouses; and

■ A central civic space to be included.

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