'A miracle we got out', says bstreetsmart ambassador

ORGANISERS of the bstreetsmart (sic) youth road-safety awareness program are urging drivers to drive to survive these school holidays.

Julie Seggie and Stephanie Wilson are trauma co-ordinators at Westmead Hospital which had 3918 trauma admissions last year.

"We need to remind drivers before they get behind the wheel to take precautions," Ms Wilson said.

Singer-songwriter and bstreetsmart ambassador, Morgan Evans shared his near-miss story: "Literally, in the blink of an eye, I was out — asleep, while driving at 110 kilometres an hour with cruise control on a winding country road.

"I woke up to a massive crash, looked back and we'd gone across the other side of the road, just missed a telegraph pole, flown off the embankment, over the drainage at the side of the road, straight through a barbed wire fence and gone 50 metres through a paddock.

"It was a miracle we both walked away."

■ Details: http://bstreetsmart.org

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