Danger zone: Kenthurst school kids walk without crossing

KENTHURST Public School parent Chris Woellner says a teacher acts as a crossing guard on Kenthurst Road, where there is a crossing, but he's noticed near misses near the school gate on Dural Street around the corner.

He said the school had been asking the council for three years for a crossing at the pram ramp on Dural Street where someone has already painted lines on the road illegally.

"It's an accident waiting to happen," Mr Woellner, an engineer by profession, said.

He said the narrowness of the street made it impossible to widen the kiss-and-drop zone at the end of Dural Street, near Lucas Avenue, where he wants a concrete footpath.

"On one side [of Lucas Avenue] there are all trees and no footpath, and on the other there's also no footpath but the path is overgrown which is forcing kids out onto the road," he said.

Hawkesbury MP Ray Williams asked for a footpath along the full length of Lucas Avenue at The Hills Council's February 17 local traffic management committee meeting. He said Mr Woellner didn't mention a crossing to him.

The council's spokesman said Kenthurst Public currently had a raised pedestrian crossing.

"The raised crossing is more appropriate in this location than along Annangrove Road due to the area being a lower speed environment, with higher volumes of pedestrian movements," he said.

The Hills Council rangers have issued 39 infringement notices to motorists around Castle Hill High in just the past 12 months.

In 2012-13, council’s compliance team issued 549 infringements notices to people doing the wrong thing in school zones.

Of those, 293 were for Disobey no stopping sign - School Zone.

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■ $304 + 2 demerit points: The penalty for disobeying a No Stopping sign in a school zone.

■ No Stopping: Means that under no circumstances are you permitted to stop on a length of road to which a No Stopping sign applies (Aus Road Rule - 167).

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