Compromise reached on Samantha Riley Drive high-rise building heights

The Hills Council and the Samantha Riley Residents Action Group reached a compromise last night, when the majority of councillors supported a motion to reduce the tallest building height for the proposed Samantha Riley Drive high-rise at Kellyville from 18 storeys to 15.

The amendment put forward by Cr Yvonne Keane was met by praise from most councillors, as well as action group representative Clair McEntee.

Cr Tony Hay said in the meeting that it was "premature" to build a high-rise of 15 storeys at Kellyville at this time, particularly when some older suburbs have had a train station for 50-plus years and yet the tallest nearby buildings remain only several storeys high.

Cr Ray Harty reminded everyone they were debating re-zoning the land at 301 Samantha Riley Drive, to permit a mixed use retail and residential development.

He said the Regional Planning Panel would make the final decision.

■ Pick up Tuesday's News for the full story, but meantime we'd love to hear what you think: Is this a good compromise?