Student leaders: Tara Anglican Junior School

Each week the Hills News highlights the student leaders in our local schools.

This week we meet the captains of Tara Anglican School for Girls' junior school which has a motto of "There is no better place for girls".

1. What is unique about your school?

Zoe Shim: No matter what you're good at, there are so many opportunities. There is such a broad range.

Georgia Gray: We have so many teachers that specialise in different subjects.

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Zoe Shim: I'm good at music so maybe something in this field.

Georgia Gray: I haven't quiet decided yet. I really enjoy art, sport and science so maybe something along those lines.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Zoe Shim:The younger students have someone to look up to. We can be a role model.

Georgia Gray: To help the school by contributing.

4. If you were the principal what would you like to introduce?

Zoe Shim: I'd make our music room bigger and bring back the slushy machine to the canteen.

Georgia Gray: I don't think we really need anything. Our new head of junior school has brought new ideas to the school this year.

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