Be responsible: desex your pet

THIS week's front page story is an issue close to my heart.

It has affected me personally and hearing the extreme figures of healthy dogs put down tugs at my heart strings.

What can be done?

Unfortunately, there are people out there who are irresponsible pet owners and the number one offence is not desexing their pets.

If you are not a registered breeder, there is no excuse to why your pet is not desexed.

If it's a cost issue, councils and vets can help. If you care about your pet's welfare and its future, it's a no-brainer.

My husband and I are registered pure bred dog breeders, and I'm not going to claim that registered breeders are all innocent either.

I've heard horror stories about what some breeders will do all in the name of winning.

There is also nothing stopping registered breeders having a litter, taking it to a pet shop and no one's the wiser.

When we have a litter every few years, we go through a rigorous screening process to ensure our dogs are placed in their forever home.

The new owners must sign a contract which states the dog is not a breeding prospect and must be desexed by six-months-old, and they will get money back upon proof.

I was horrified to hear a Blacktown councillor say he didn't support compulsory desexing because it took the choice away from parents who wanted their child to witness such a beautiful experience.

I agree: it is amazing but where's the dog's choice? Jump on the internet and there are plenty of dogs and cats giving birth for them to watch.

Vet Rob Zammit is right when he says something has to be put in place to monitor all breedings: "There certainly has to be some way of doing checks and balances, so we know who is breeding dogs and who is breeding dogs that are no longer wanted."

This would expose potential puppy farmers who have nothing but money as their motive.

Having a pet is a responsibility: and that means not breeding without undertaking the necessary health tests and planning all reputable breeders do. With statistics like 6000 healthy dogs put to sleep every week in this country — it can't be ignored.

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