Delta visits The Hills Grammar School

Delta Goodrem's recent surprise visit to her former high school The Hills Grammar caused a sensation with students.

Ms Goodrem, who is a former Glenhaven resident, attended the school from kindergarten to year 10 when she left to pursue her music career and star on Neighbours.

A school spokeswoman said the visit had the students excited, entertained and inspired.

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The visit took place last Wednesday when, Delta addressed students from Year 2 to Year 12 in the School’s Performance Centre.

Teachers managed to surprise student leaders and music students who knew they were gathering for a talk by an "inspirational speaker" but had no idea who it was.

Delta was met by her junior school music teacher, Anne Price, in the foyer of the performance centre before being introduced by head of music Owen Nelson.

''The atmosphere was electric as she made her entrance,'' the spokesperson said.

Delta talked about her childhood of writing lyrics and music from a very young age, having a full school life in sporting teams, leadership roles, vocal ensembles and the co-curricular program.

She said she discovered her passion for performing early and said she enjoyed expressing her thoughts and feelings through music.

Her dream was realised through tenacity, support and of course, a whole lot of talent.

The students were invited to ask any questions they wanted and school vice-captain Elliot Sampson took the opportunity:

“ Delta, have you lost your faith in love, and if so, can I make you believe again?” he said, partially quoting from her song Believe Again.

Delta told the students about her school days, illness, success and what it’s really like to be in the public eye. Her warmth and generous spirit was inspiring to all.

When asked what her favourite song was, Delta sat at the baby grand and sang Born to Try, encouraging everyone to join her in song.

Year 7 music students Kathryn Solomou and Melissa Ertler said they were thrilled to be in the audience.

“It was so inspirational," Kathryn said.

"We love singing and she made us believe that dreams can come true with hard work. Delta never had any doubts; she just loved writing and performing.

"We can do the same.”

Year 6 junior school captain Ethan Tegel said he wanted to be a professional athlete or sporting commentator and found Delta's success ''an inspiration''.

“She made it through her illness to keep singing and doing major shows,” Ethan said.

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