NBN offers real benefits

In response to Brian Marshall regarding the NBN, (Your Say, May 29).

In the Howard years, which were in alignment with much of what Mr Marshall wrote, there was no investment in significant infrastructure in our area — information technology or other.

In our area we have very poor infrastructure in general, especially with the lack of rail and roads that do not cater adequately to capacity required.

The internet is also bottle-necked. The NBN is important to our area because it can help get cars off the road.

If we follow Mr Marshall's logic, based on past experiences with Coalition governments, we may achieve a surplus nationally and establish future funds etc, but we would still have no guarantee that necessary infrastructure would be built.

The current government is wasteful and there is plenty of evidence that confirms that, but the NBN is one of the better ideas the government has had.

The NBN is as important as the North West Rail Link and the Pennant Hills Road tunnel.

It is arguably the most important infrastructure program in our history since the Snowy River Scheme. It will provide the pathway for Australia to transform into a high-tech economy, providing opportunity for millions to improve productivity and engage in employment not related to mining or agriculture.

The NBN can be built a lot quicker than the rail link or tunnel under Pennant Hills Road and provide immediate benefit to both residents and business.

Rohan Limaye

Norwest move

I'd like to congratulate The Hills Council on their planned move to Norwest Business Park.

It is satisfying to hear it was a unanimous decision by councillors and also that politics was put aside for the benefit of all us ratepayers.

To secure a building that could be deemed nearly purpose built and merely requires a fit-out also shows businesslike leadership.

I'm glad to see the canvassed idea of moving to the Terminus Street car park site has been abandoned as this would have been disastrous in many ways.

The only concern for the Norwest site is that staff car parking has been fully catered for, as the surrounding on-street car parking is already at a premium.

Ray Brown

Building Australia Party

Funnel vision

There have been attempts to revive the concept of putting Pennant Hills Road traffic into a tunnel (previously known as the Funnel Option).

After this was first mooted in 2001, the original plans to link the F3 with the M7 were "massaged" to remove serious alternate options, leaving a design that would add only one extra lane in each direction, for a claimed cost of (then) $3.5 billion.The current estimate is somewhere above $40 billion.

This totally inadequate improvement for a budget-crippling cost is ridiculous.

The "Funnel" further concentrates traffic, and merely moves the traffic jams by a few kilometres. It is typical of the short-term planning of current government — waste dollars now instead of fixing the problems.

There is a cheaper option: It solves most of the problems.

It shortens travel time (20 kilometres shorter), and gives new access to the Sydney north west.

In an emergency, there would be another way out of Sydney to the north.

There's no wonder that the (federal) Infrastructure Australia has ignored the amateurish NSW proposal so far.

With the huge costs involved, we will only get one shot at fixing it.

Ron Hicks

Pennant Hills District Civic Trust

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