Reinvented rail raises hackles

THE initial response from the community about the state government's latest announcement was outrage.

As you can see by the comments on our website, the community feels let down by what on first look appears to be another broken promise by another government.

"Liberals have let us down again" . . . "stiffed yet again" . . . "let's see if the three local Liberal MPs have the intestinal fortitude to put their constituents ahead of their political ambitions by rejecting the revamped plan for the north-west railway and demand the government deliver on what was an iron clad election promise".

We're not happy.

We feel ownership of this rail link that has been promised to us for years. Even the cynics were starting to come around to the reality that it was going to happen and would meet our needs.

After travelling to many cities around the world, cities hundreds of years older than ours, the mind boggles that Sydney — one of the world's leading metropolises — has such a poor rail network in comparison.

Now the plans are again changing on what we were originally promised.

But during a one-on-one interview with the News on Friday, Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian said more information had come to light for the government from industry experts, which means a double deck train is not the way to go forward. As a result, Hills commuters will have to break their journey and change at Chatswood. But this means more trains and a faster ride: this is the rail network of the future.

But at what price? Aside from the upheaval to our community with traffic, noise etc — what about the cost to our hip pocket?

Will north-west residents be penalised purely because of where we live — yet again?

So what do you think?

Should we go easier on the government to deliver this state-of-the-art rail link that everyone is promising will do such great things for the area?

Is this a blessing in disguise in the long run so that Sydney's rail network meets the same world standards?

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