Glenorie Bakery's pie-off

A MERE 50 pies is all that stands in the way of NSW and a crushing defeat to the cane toads in the inaugural Pie of Origin.

Glenorie Bakery's Rob Pirina kicked off the initiative by posting a YouTube video on June 1, challenging any Queensland bakery to a 'pie-off' with proceeds going to the victims of the Queensland floods.

Bill Rose, of the Old Fernvale Bakery in Queensland, answered the call. "I was at a mate's house and thinking about how we can join State of Origin and meat pies and use it as a platform to raise money for a good cause," Mr Pirina said. "We thought why not start the Pie of Origin? Let's show these Queenslanders we've got a bit of heart and a bit of compassion — let's give the money back to them — the victims of the Queensland floods. Next year we'll find a NSW cause and give it to the guys at NSW."

To date, the two bakeries have raised $8000 — just short of Mr Pirina's $10,000 target.

The score of pies sold stands at NSW 1950 to Queensland 2000.

But Mr Pirina called it a "David-and-Goliath story". "The Old Fernvale Bakery is probably four times bigger than mine and they sell 8000 pies a week which is double what I sell," Mr Pirina said.

NSW - 1950

QLD - 2000

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