Transition from science to comedy a snap for jokester

PLENTY of you would have eaten up his comedy, but many more of you would have eaten up Joe Avati’s ice-cream without realising.

Didn’t you know? Back before he was the world’s number one selling bilingual comedian, Avati was part of the team that brought the Magnum ice-cream to Australia.

“By the time it was time to give up my career as a scientist, I was already successful in my solo [comedy] career,” Avati reflected.

To win a double pass to Avati's Castle Hill RSL show on Friday night, answer the following question in the comment section below:

Avati went from a career in science to one in comedy. Which new career would you choose if you could?

The comedian who is probably best known for 'Il Dago' and 'Il Dago II – Now With Noodles' first stepped out of a lab and onto a stage in 1995, to do five minutes of stand up on try-out night at Sydney’s Original Comedy Store.

Six months later he’d scooped up a paid gig and later introduced Calabrese content into his routines.

‘‘I just wanted to tell my story and it ended up being everybody else’s story,’’ he said.

But his second love has always been science and he now applies the same methodological approach of a scientist to researching and critiquing his comedy.

‘‘As a performer you really need to always analyse your performances; that way you can make your show better,’’ Avati said.

It seems he’s cooked up a winning formula.

Avati is the only Australian artist to have two albums charting simultaneously in the top 5 internationally and he also holds the record for the fasting selling comedy show ever in Canada — 6400 tickets in two hours.

Now, he brings Comicus Erectus – The Ethnic Comedy Revolution to Castle Hill RSL.

‘‘My stuff is all about being a wog, and that’s it,’’ the fiercely proud Ital-Australian said.

Friday’s line-up also includes George Kapiniaris (aka Memo in Acropolis Now) and – all the way from New York – Emmy Award nominee Basile (also the voice of Bullwinkle JMoose for a time).

Turkish-Australian comedian Tahir, better known as Habib from Fat Pizza, will be the emcee.

Comicus Erectus is at Castle Hill RSL, 77 Castle Street, Castle Hill, this Friday, July 6, at 8pm. Bookings/details: 8858 4800.

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