Reader of the week: Fiona Neumann

Reader of the week: Fiona Neumann from Skills Savvy

Three people I would love to invite to dinner: Sir Alex Ferguson (manager Manchester United Football team), Ellen DeGeneres, Lance Armstrong.

Most amazing thing I've ever done: Give birth to two beautiful boys and start my own business called Skills Savvy - Call Centre Recruitment Specialist.

The best advice I ever received: My parents always told me to "just do your best, that's all we ask".

I would spend my last $10 on: A bottle of wine.

My greatest fear: Enclosed spaces, freaks me out.

If I could travel back in time I would love to meet: My mum and ask her all the questions that I wish I did before she died.

My favourite phrase is: "When you are following a dream that is uniquely your own, you create lasting motivation to achieve."

I will never throw out: All the letters my mum and sister wrote to me while I was living overseas.

My biggest fashion faux pas: I wore slippers to the chemist the other night, does that count? They were so warm and cosy I did not want to take them off.

I wish I hadn't: There are many things I wish I hadn't done, but I prefer to call them experiences that I have learnt from.

I'm always being asked: So when are you going to have your third child, this is as soon as I gave birth to my second.

My most embarrassing moment: Warming the bench at my softball grand final.

My earliest memory is: Falling over the balcony at our family home. I remember having prickles in my head.

My fantasy job is: Watching the Premier League Football and getting paid for it.

True love is… Being with your best friend, being able to share everything with them and not feel embarrassed or ashamed. Being able to argue, cry and laugh out loud. No matter what the circumstances you find a way to be together.

My last meal would be: A glass of wine with a bowl of custard and banana.

My first car was: Toyota Corona.

Weirdest thing in my glove box: A 1998 street directory.

On my bedside table is: A lamp, hair bands, hand cream, an alarm clock, a baby monitor and a Mother’s Day card.

People say I look like: People have not said this to me, so maybe I do not look like anyone.

A movie I think everyone should see: 'Avengers' is the latest movie I have seen and it is fantastic, loved every minute of it.

In the future…I would love my entire family to be healthy and happy and doing what they love doing.

Favourite book as a child: A golden book, 'The Bear in the Boat'.

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