Hills councillor former Penthouse Pet

Hills Councillor Robyn Preston would neither confirm or deny a media report that she had failed to declare to the Liberal Party’s nomination review committee that she modelled for Penthouse in the early 1980’s.

‘‘I’m in preselection right now so my comment is no comment,’’ she told the News simply.

The News posed the same question to the Liberal Party NSW division, who stated: ‘‘The nomination review process is confidential.’’

The spokesman was also asked to make comments on the following:

Does the Liberal Party require that nominees declare this information?

Does this apply to women and men?

Is the party concerned that Robyn may be taken less seriously if it is public knowledge she was a Pet in Penthouse?

The spokesman’s response: ‘‘Robyn Preston has completed the nomination review process and is a candidate for preselection for the Hills Shire Council.’’

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