Uncanny X-Men's Brian Mannix coming to Castle Hill RSL

THERE were a number of events that are unique to the 1980s.

In 1981 The Beatles' John Lennon was assassinated, in 1985 a hole in the ozone layer was discovered, and in 1989 US President George Bush announced he didn't like broccoli.

But during this time of controversy, one man and his band burst onto the music scene with their "live each moment like it's your last" attitude.

And now he will relive it in front of an audience at Castle Hill RSL Club.

Uncanny X-Men's Brian Mannix, along with Scott Carne (Kids in the Kitchen), Dale Ryder (Boom Crash Opera) and Paul Gray (Wa Wa Nee) will take to the stage for their show, Absolutely '80s.

Mannix recalled some fond and not-so-fond memories of what it was like to be a rock star during the decade.

"We had sheilas jumping all over the cars like we were The Beatles," he said.

"We kept on saying to each other, 'How good is this?'.

"It was better back in the 80s because you could sometimes let them catch you."

In the midst of a lifestyle that consisted of three things — sex, drugs and rock'n'roll — Mannix's clearest memory is also one of his most clouded.

"I remember vomiting on the audience one night," he said.

"I thought I was running late to the show but I still had an hour to spare.

"I couldn't shake the nerves, drank too much bourbon before we went on and I threw up all over the people at the front during the set.

"I think I threw up another four times during that show too."

The 50-year-old also enjoyed a life fit for a king in the 80s.

"Lunches were tax-deductable so we always had our meetings in restaurants," he said.

"We never made a decision without a lobster in front of us."

Mannix expects most of the audience who will come to the show would have been about 15 in 1985.

He said anyone who comes to the show will have a good time and receive a trip down memory lane.

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