UN visit was to help kids says Bella Vista student

SHE is not a TV star but Bella Vista's Janani Muhunthan loves talking 'bout your (and her) generation.

The 22-year-old recently returned from the United Nations in Geneva where she attended a conference on children's rights.

Her role during the event was to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to engage with people who were not there.

"It was about creating a global conversation," she explained.

"People were Tweeting a comment on something that had been said only 30 seconds before.

"I was responding to their questions live from the UN, and this had never been done before."

She said her role was to give young people a voice.

"The government needs to have a conversation with young people because we will be leading the institution in future years.

"Some people were surprised by the things that were discussed such as sterilisation of female children with disabilities."

The former Oakhill College student was born in Zimbabwe, moved to Adelaide, then Papua New Guinea and then, eventually, settled in Bella Vista, via Grafton.

She said exposure to different cultures drove her interest in social justice.

"I witnessed at a very young age the way people live and, whether you like it or not, kids are like sponges," she said.

"In Zimbabwe and Papua New Guinea kids don't have any kind of voice at all.

"There is a lack of access with things that we take for granted like education, security and health."

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