Six star rating is enough

MASTER Builders Australia has called on the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency not to recommend an increase to mandatory energy efficiency requirements beyond six stars.

Chief executive officer Wilhelm Harnisch said mandatory energy efficiency had created a major compliance headache for builders, added up to $10,000 to the cost of a new home, and was a potential barrier for new homebuyers.

"People are welcome to go beyond the six stars, but the mandatory level imposed on new home buyers should not increase beyond that," he said. Mr Harnisch said the department's draft National Building Energy Standard-Setting, Assessment and Rating Framework confirmed the building industry's concerns on the minimum requirements for new homes.

The framework suggests further improvements should not be made to the thermal shell of new buildings.

Rather, the energy efficiency focus should shift to improving fixed appliances, equipment and building services and on-site renewable energy systems.

In a submission on the draft framework, Mr Harnisch renewed the call to the government to shift its focus further towards existing buildings.

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