North West Rail Link: Traffic 'will be chaos'

LOCAL roads face gridlock during the North West Rail Link's construction.

More than 6500 extra truck and car movements are expected every day on the road network because of the project.

The state opposition's Penny Sharpe claims the government ignored advice from its own department that would reduce congestion.

Roads and Maritime Services proposed construction movements be restricted to off-peak periods to reduce the impact on traffic.

It suggested restrictions 6am-10am and 3pm-7pm, Monday to Friday.

In its North West Rail Link Submissions Report the state government said blanket peak-hour restrictions weren't viable and would result in overall construction cost and delays.

A spokesman for the rail link's project team said truck movements on local roads would be minimised as much as possible.

"Traffic management plans prepared for each construction site will ensure safety is the top priority - and the plans will be prepared in consultation with nearby communities," the spokesman said.

"Trucks leaving North West Rail Link construction sites will only be allowed to travel on approved routes to arterial roads."

Ms Sharpe said the government's decision to ignore the advice meant drivers would spend many more hours in their car.

"There will be traffic chaos on north-west Sydney roads during construction because the government won't limit the movements of thousands of trucks during peak periods in line with advice from RMS," Ms Sharpe said.

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