The Hills Council election

Forty-six candidates will fight it out for the 12 positions on council at the local government elections tomorrow, September 8. 

In The Hills Council three councillors represent each ward; central, north, east and west.

Voting is compulsory for all residents over the age of 18 with a $55 fee for people who choose not to vote.

Not enrolled to vote?

You can enrol to vote and update your details by clicking here.

As outlined in Section 266 of the Act, you are entitled to vote in Local Government elections if:

You are a resident of a council ward;

You are not a resident of a council ward but own rateable land in a council ward;

You are an occupier or a rate paying lessee of rateable land in a council ward;

You are registered on the electoral roll.

Postal voting

Applications for postal voting are available to eligible electors via the NSW website at

Postal Vote Applications close September 3, 5pm.

Constitutional referendum

A constitutional referendum will be held at this year’s election asking the community if they would like to vote for a popularly elected mayor

The mayor is currently elected annually by councillors.

An alternative method is for voters to elect the mayor for a period of four years.

The referendum question will be: Do you favour the election of the Mayor by electors for a four year term which necessarily increases the number of Councillors by 1?

Nominations for the election closed at noon on Wednesday, August 8.

A ballot draw to determine the order candidate groups would appear on the ticket was held later that day.

Local councils are expected to assume a caretaker role in the lead up period to an election to ensure that major decisions are not made, which would limit the actions of an incoming council.

The caretaker period for the September elections commence on Friday, August 10.

East ward suburbs include Kellyville, Bella Vista, Baulkham Hills and Winston Hills.

The East Ward candidates are:

Group A - Labor

1. Ryan Tracey

2. Paul Han

3. Carol Chan

Group B - Building Australia Party

1. Jim Pignat

2. Nicole Burns

3. Ross Henderson

Group C - Liberal

1. Andrew Jefferies

2. Alan Haselden

3. Jeanette Boothby

North ward suburbs include Wiseman’s Ferry, Leetsvale, Lower Portland, Maroota, Sackville North, South Maroota, Cattai, Glenorie, Maraylya, Kenthurst, Box Hill, Nelson, Kenthurst, Middle Dural, Dural, Annangrove, Rouse Hill, Beaumont Hills and Glenhaven.

The North Ward candidates are:

Group A - Liberal Democrats

1. Bob Frier

2. Kenneth Kwong

3. Graham Nickols

Group B - Liberal

1. Robyn Preston

2. Peter Gangemi

3. Mark Taylor 

Group C - Building Australia Party

1. John Vellenga

2. Reg Pignat

3. Peter Wakefield

Group D - ALP

1. Barbara Burton 

2. Aisha Amjad

3. Monique Atkinson

Group E - Greens

1. Jocelyn Howden

2. Catherine Woolnough

3. Michael Bellstedt


1. Pat Cunningham

West ward suburbs include West Pennant Hills, Northmead, North Rocks, Carlingford, North Parramatta and Oatlands.

The West Ward candidates are: 

Group A - Labor

1. Raymond Harty

2.Steve Marks

3. Immanuel Selvaraj

Group B - Liberal

1.Michelle Byrne

2.Mike Thomas

3.Mike Blair

Group C - Building Australia Party

1. Mike O’Donnell

2. Todd Porter

3. David Walter


1. Catherine Dodd 

Central ward suburbs include Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills and West Pennant Hills.

The Central Ward candidates are:

Group A - Building Australia Party

1. Ray Brown 

2. Eva Emrich

3. Geoff Craig 

Group B - Liberal

1. Yvonne Keane 

2. Jeff Lowe 

3. George Giovas

Group C - Labor

1. Tony Hay

2. Darryl Atkins

3. Garry Hudson


1. Peter Dimbrowsky

2. Geoff Duncan

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