The Hills Central Ward candidate profiles

Central Ward

Group A — Building Australia Party

Ray Brown JP

What qualifies you to represent the community?

A resident of Castle Hill for 37 years, a business owner in the Shire for over 40 years and have had voluntary and leadership positions at local, State and National levels

What do you hope to achieve on council? Recognition for strong leadership including robust representation of residents concerns and for considering the greater Shire good in decision making. Reduce unnecessary planning delays which increases building costs. Sensible management of environmental issues by making informed decisions to induce sound economical and sustainable principles. To maintain the “Garden Shire” image of the Hills.

What will be your priorities during your time on council?

Maintaining astute business principles through appropriate policy making decisions, giving rigorous attention to minimising red tape and to streamline planning documents without compromising planned outcomes.

Eva Emrich

What qualifies you to represent the community?

Lived in Hills for past 14 years and I have a passion with what is happening in the Hills. It is like a family to live here. With over 20 years in the building manufacture design industry I am aware of Building codes and what can add to the " Hills Culture". Want to maintain our Garden shire environment and yet have all the modern amenities for a great lifestyle e.g. Hospital, shopping Centres, etc.

What do you hope to achieve on council?

Like everyone in the Hills I hope to see the fast tracking of the most needed trains. Passionate about bringing business into the Hills - Norwest sector. The shopping centres with all facilities at easy reach... specialist in health, Victoria Rd Industries, good schooling. Need better roads and tree lined main streets to beautify the landscape.

What will be your priorities during your time on council?

To see the Rail Link through to fruition. Better native bushes in parks that help beautify them. Ensure that Business parks thrive for the communities benefit.

Geoff Craig

What qualifies you to represent the community?

I would describe myself as an average middle class person and as a resident of the Hills for 24 years believe I have the right as does anyone who lives here to nominate themselves as a representative of the “average” person whose needs are sometimes overlooked by the main political parties. I believe I have the qualities to represent the hills due to firstly, I have lived here in Castle Hill for 24 years and over that time seen the good and bad of the development of the area. I have built up a strong peer group of residents during that time and have a good understanding of how they want the community to develop. I don’t believe I have any more right to represent than anyone else who lives in the Hills but I am prepared to put in the time to represent their needs.

What do you hope to achieve on council? I want as a member of the Building Australia Party to keep Council focused on Local issues, minimise government waste of scarce moneys, and keep development in tune with the original feel of the Hills that is “The Garden Shire“. The traffic is getting out of control and we need to address traffic needs before we continue on with sustainable development.

What will be your priorities during your time on council?

Sustainable Development, Traffic and Waste.

Group B — Liberal

Yvonne Keane

What qualifies you to represent the community?

I was named the 2012 Hills Shire Citizen of the Year and the 2012 NSW Woman of the Year (People’s Choice) by the NSW Government for my Community work. As a full-time Volunteer for Children’s Charities, I understand the issues facing our most vulnerable and at-risk community members – and have a track record for delivering positive, cost-effective, and real solutions. I have a background in Business, Media and Marketing and a desire to simply get things done.

What do you hope to achieve on council?

If elected I would like to deliver effective outcomes for the community and maintain a debt-free Council. The upcoming term of Council presents many challenges for The Hills Shire and will require strategic vision and careful planning, where fiscal responsibility must remain the highest priority. Only a Liberal team can continue to maintain a debt-free Council.

The issues and decisions before Council will no doubt be complex and varied. My approach will be based on a simple set of measures – common sense, common good and a common vision of an extraordinary future for The Hills Shire.

What will be your priorities during your time on council?

To ensure optimised Rail Line integration, protect our Showground, keep Hills families safe, champion community organisations, and importantly, maintain a debt-free Council.

Dr Jeff Lowe

What qualifies you to represent the community? After eight years in the army, I spent a number of years working at a senior management level in numerous large multinational corporations where I gained experience in strategic development and implementation. I now run my own business in the Hills. As an ex-serviceman, I am also heavily involved with the Castle Hill Sub-branch where I serve as the assistant secretary and welfare officer. I am Deputy Chair of the s355 Management Committee for the Castle Hill Showground and a member of the Hills Relay for Life Committee. I am a passionate advocate for mental health and youth issues.

What do you hope to achieve on council? I hope to introduce initiatives that will ensure Council serves the community with a pro small business attitude, particularly given small business is the backbone of our economy. I will ensure Council remains financially responsible and viable into the future. I will think strategically and innovatively to deal with the challenges that face local government and to ensure that Council continues to roll out the infrastructure and services that the Community deserves. I am also determined to see the Northwest Rail Link integrated into our community and that only sensible development occurs in our Shire.

What will be your priorities during your time on council? I will be a voice for small businesses and residents while pursuing fiscal responsibility. I will also pursue rail line integration, youth and veteran affairs and mental health initiatives.

George Giovas

What qualifies you to represent the community? I live and work in the area. Both as a business person and family man and have served the community through various committees (Chairman - Sydney Hills Tourism Committee - Hills Shire355 Committee, Founding Member and Secretary - Hills Hawkesbury and Riverlands Tourism (HHART) and Bella Vista Farm 355 Committee - Current committee member. I have also served as President - St Barbara Greek Philanthropic Association, President - Achaean Greek Association, Mentor in inaugural Max Potential mentoring program helping school children from our Shire. Through my strong business experience, I believe that I understand issues that affect families and businesses on a daily basis.

What do you hope to achieve on council? Hills Shire continues to grow and receive the proper infrastructure and services that it has been promised and deserves. Lift the profile of the Hills Shire, push Tourism and bring major Events to the Hills Shire. Ensure that families and businesses have a safe living and working environment. Families and residence have a high standard of living and safety for our children. Help small business.

What will be your priorities during your time on council? Ensure infrastructure is delivered for residence and businesses as promised. Ensure the council is kept honest and continues to be in a strong economic position to deliver the services that the people of the Hills Shire deserve.

Group C — ALP

Tony Hay

Darryl Atkins

Garry Hudson


Peter Dimbrowsky

Geoff Duncan

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