Dural Park hoon ordered to pay back repair bill

The damage caused at Dural Park in March.
The damage caused at Dural Park in March.

A vandal who drove their vehicle on Dural Park and Galston's Hayes Oval in March has been ordered to pay back the $3000 Hornsby Council spent to repair the damage.

The Glenhaven man, who is in his early 20s, was also given a 12-month good behaviour bond when the judge handed down his sentence yesterday.

“This is a very good result, meaning the shire’s ratepayers do not have to pay for the criminal foolishness of one individual,” Hornsby mayor Steve Russell said.

“It also sets a good example, proving that council will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and will do everything possible to bring offenders to justice.”

The worst damage occurred at Dural Park, which the offender accessed by cutting the chain on a locked gate.

The ground had to be closed, with cricket games and rugby training cancelled for a number of weeks.