Student Leaders: Oakhill Drive Public School

EACH week the Hills News highlights our student leaders.

This week we meet the captains of Oakhill Drive Public School whose motto is "strive to achieve".


1. What is unique about your school?

Keira Bellifemine: The bell. We have a song for the bell and then we hear a train station bell.

Hannah Mason: All the students are nice and everyone is friendly.

Bruce Lan: We've got AFL posts on our oval.

James Bertollo: Everyone is friendly. We have nice people here.

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Keira Bellifemine: I want to be an actor.

Hannah Mason: I want to go into music.

Bruce Lan: I want to be a doctor.

James Bertollo: I want to be a director.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Keira Bellifemine: I think it's important so the younger kids have a role model.

Hannah Mason: It's important to be a good role model.

Bruce Lan: So that the kids have people to look up to. We can teach them how to be a good student.

James Bertollo: I think it's important because it's good to have someone to look up to.

4. If you were the principal what would you like to introduce?

Keira Bellifemine: More drama classes.

Hannah Mason: I'd have more music classes.

Bruce Lan: More sports classes.

James Bertollo: Make more ovals - like one for rugby league.

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