Perspective: Do research before poll

THIS Saturday is our local government elections, where we will be electing our councillors for the next four years. And for Hornsby shire residents, a new mayor.

Hills residents will get their chance to decide in a referendum if they would also like to vote for a popularly-elected mayor at the 2016 election.

I implore all residents to do your research before you vote — educate yourselves, don't just default to party lines. There are many worthy candidates so read their profiles on our website.

There are also quite a few candidates across both councils who have resigned from the Liberal Party disheartened, and who are running as independents.

This is not a state or federal level where you need the power machine behind these political parties to drive things through.

It's no secret, with the numerous councils I have covered, I don't support party endorsed candidates at a council level — I believe a lot of what councillors try to achieve is compromised by faceless party members.

Question those people who are handing out how-to-vote cards. Challenge the candidates about what they stand for.

You may not care about who your local councillor is but you will if your neighbour wants to build a house you believe will destroy the character of your street, or a developer wants to build high-rise on your favourite park.

These candidates are the people you elect to fight on your behalf.

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