Hills News M2 Run for the Hills

LOCAL athlete, Tom Roberts, 14, is in the running to have fun and help a charity next month.

Tom will compete in the inaugural Hills News M2 Run for The Hills.

"I entered Run for the Hills to test myself at this distance and because I just love to run long fun runs," he said.

Tom, who attends Oakhill College, is not only a keen runner but also a member of the U14 NSW Baseball team.

He began running at an early age after watching his dad train.

"One day we were down at a park and I just started running round and round the oval and found that I loved it," he said.

"Then I started training properly."

Tom has run in the Bay Fun Run, Nationals at Canberra, the Sydney 10 in Homebush.

The Hills News M2 Run for The Hills event will be held in the heart of The Hills on Sunday, October 7.

The run and festival is being organised by local charity Reach for the Rainbow, which raises funds to support babies and preschoolers with intellectual delays or disabilities.

Charity founder Yvonne Keane said she hopes to raise more than $100,000.

"We are delighted that Run for the Hills is attracting young athletes of the calibre of Tom and look forward to a very competitive field of talented junior runners on the day," Mrs Keane said.

"While we have great prizes for competitive entrants, Run for the Hills will appeal to everyone, from casual runners to mums with prams."

To sponsor Tom Roberts or to register for the Hills News M2 Run for The Hills visit, runforthehills.com.au.



Congratulations! You are now at the halfway point of your six-week Run for the Hills prep. This week concentrate on maintaining a training schedule of a few longer runs interspersed with some interval training. Make sure you particularly focus on your running style, ensuring you run with relaxed hands, arms and shoulders.

¦Laura’s tip:

‘‘Look at your diet to ensure it is properly fuelling your body. You need to maintain a healthy diet, including carbohydrates. Ensure you have a small portion of carbohydrates, such as one slice of bread for every 20 minutes you run.’’

Intermediate runners

To build cardiovascular strength and aerobic capacity, mix up your long runs with some interval training. For example: 200-metre sprint + one minute rest + one-kilometre run + two-minute rest + 500-metre fast run + one-minute rest + 300-metre run, and so on. This will help increase your lactate threshold, and in turn, your ability to run longer distances.

¦James’s tip:

‘‘Your body needs to be hydrated to perform and improve. Consider drinking water with added electrolytes to keep hydrated and replenish vital minerals that you lose when training or running.’’

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