The winners and losers in election battle

THE Hills could have six new faces on the council.

Residents also voted with 53 per cent they would like to vote for their own mayor in the 2016 elections.

The Hills has four wards with three councillors chosen in each ward.

Below are the results as as time of press on Monday with about 80 per cent of the votes counted in each ward:


■ Building Australia Party — 5.8 per cent

■ Liberal — 65.6 per cent

■ Labor — 18.9 per cent

■ Ungrouped — 9.7 per cent

A strong result for the Liberal ticket with new faces Yvonne Keane and Jeff Lowe to replace former Central Ward councillors Justin Taunton and Peter Dimbrowsky. Sitting Labor councillor Tony Hay is likely to retain his seat.

Ms Keane said her election was an honour: "I hope to be a productive and effective representative for The Hills' residents and businesses, achieving positive and sensible outcomes on their behalf."

Mr Taunton was successfully elected onto Burwood Council.


■ Labor — 30 per cent

■ Building Australia Party — 5.6 per cent

■ Liberal — 64.4 per cent

With Liberal veteran Larry Bolitho failing to gain preselection the weekend's results indicate sitting Liberal councillor Andrew Jefferies and newcomer Alan Haselden will get onto the council.

Labor councillor Ryan Tracey is likely to gain a seat replacing retired Labor councillor David Bentham.


■ Liberal Democrats — 5.8 per cent

■ Liberal — 70.8 per cent

■ Building Australia Party — 2.1 per cent

■ Labor — 14 per cent

■ The Greens — 6.1 per cent

■ Ungrouped — 1.2 per cent

Current results indicate all three Liberal candidates will get up in North Ward edging out Labor candidate Barbara Burton.

Robyn Preston, who headed the North Ward Liberal ticket, said the results to date were unprecedented.

"It is an overwhelming vote of confidence for the Liberals in our area," Cr Preston said. "Both Peter Gangemi and Mark Taylor are exceptional candidates and I think the community will benefit from their experience."


■ Labor — 25.8 per cent

■ Liberal — 68.9 per cent

■ Building Australia Party — 4.4 per cent

■ Ungrouped — 0.8 per cent

Results indicate the first two people on the Liberal ticket, sitting councillors Michelle Byrne and Mike Thomas, will resume their positions on council along with sitting Labor councillor Raymond Harty.

Cr Byrne said the team was ecstatic by the level of support: "We look forward to working hard over the next four years to ensure we deliver the services and infrastructure The Hills residents expect and deserve."

Meanwhile in Hornsby, the race for the popularly elected mayor at neck and neck with the Liberal Steve Russell marginally in front of independent Nick Berman.

Across the shire the Liberals and independents were the big winners, while voters deserted The Greens in all three wards.

Hornsby is made up of three wards with three councillors in each.


■ Liberal — 43.12%

■ Independent: Nick Berman — 39.85 per cent

■ Independent: Mick Gallagher — 13.34 per cent

■ Liberal Democrats — 3.69 per cent

The next mayor is anyone's guess with preferences likely to decide the outcome later this week. Mr Russell is slightly ahead of independent Berman in first preference votes but wasn't claiming victory when contacted by the News. Russell polled strongest in the rural areas while Berman won votes in Hornsby.


■ Independent: Jeremy Greenwood-Graham — 4.02 per cent

■ Independent Mick Gallagher — 18.29 per cent

■ Liberal — 44.13 per cent

■ Independent: Mick Smart — 13.10 per cent

■ Christian Democrat — 4.08 per cent

■ Greens — 14.63 per cent

■ Ungrouped — 0.36 per cent

If Russell wins the mayoral race both Nathan Tilbury and Antony Anisse should be elected. Independent Mick Gallagher should take the remaining A ward spot. Deputy mayor Mick Smart is the big name casualty.


■ Independent: Linda Wu — 6.91 per cent

■ Independent: Nick Berman — 32.47 per cent

■ Liberal — 43.25 per cent

■ Greens — 12.34 per cent

The Liberals strong performance will likely give Robert Browne and Gurdeep Singh seats, while independent mayor Nick Berman retains his B ward spot. But if elected mayor, Lara Tattersall will win the spot.


■ Liberal — 50.73 per cent

■ Independent: Bernadette Azizi — 24.03 per cent

■ Liberal Democrats — 5.35 per cent

■ Greens — 17.28 per cent

■ Ungrouped — 2.61 per cent

Liberal Michael Hutchence will retain his seat and his number two Jerome Cox will add to the Liberal spots. Independent Bernadette Azizi should also be successful.

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