Questions put to the Defence Department over the Sula raid

1. Was a dog used during the raid on the village known as Sula or Sola?

2. How were Raz Muhammed and his son Jalil killed? Local residents allege both were unarmed and in the custody of Australian soldiers in the village when they died.

3. Was an attempt made to hide Raz Muhammed's body under leaves under a fig tree in the village and if so what was the purpose of this?

4. Did a dog attack Raz Muhammed's body? Locals report it looked as though something had been allowed to tear the skin off his chest.

5. Why were Raz Mohammed and Jalil targeted?

6. Locals have alleged women had the hair torn out of heir heads by searching soldiers. Were Australian soldiers in any way involved in this and if so why and if not were the accompany Afghan soldiers or other Afghan forces with them involved in this and why?

7. Were the two people killed called Raz Mohammed Akhund (hereafter "RMA") and Jalil Akhund ("JA") and were their approximate ages, respectively, 50 and 30? Was JA the son of RMA?

8. Was RMA an imam or other Islamic religious authority? Did the raid involve the village's mosque?

9. Were RMA or JA armed when they were shot? If so, with what weapons? If not, why were they shot?

10. Were RMA or JA shot by Australian or Afghan personnel?

11. Were RMA or JA shot in or near the village mosque? If not, where were they shot?

12. Did the personnel carrying out the mission receive any direct or indirect fire? If so, please describe.

13. Was the operation conducted by SOTG personnel? How many personnel were involved? Was it a joint operation with ANSF? If so, which elements and ANSF were present and what was their number? If no Afghan personnel were used, why not?

14. Given cultural and religious sensitivities, why was an Afghan woman bound and hooded by the Australians? Was she the wife of the insurgent leader that was detained? Is this the first time Australian troops have been involved in an operation were a female Afghan has been bound and hooded?

15. How long did the entire operation (from arrival at the village to the situation being considered under control) take?

16. Minister Smith has stated that the ISAF Rules of Engagement were followed during the conduct of the raid? Can you please direct me to a publicly available copy of the ROE is such exists? Can you further provide a more detailed explanation of how the ROE were adhered to despite a village imam being shot dead and a woman hooded?

17. AFG President Hamid Karzai's director of communications, Aimal Faizal, told me last night that URZ's governor and police chief had told the Palace that that they had not approved the raid nor had they been asked to help coordinate it. As Aimal Faizal tweeted (@AimalFaizal) yesterday: "The governor & police chief in Oruzgan, Army chief, head of NDS all say that the SAS raid had not been authorised/coordinated." What evidence can Australia provide that it was coordinated?

18. Mr Faizal has also alleged there was a large protest outside the office of Uruzgan Governor, Amir Mohammad Akhundzada. Are you aware of that or any other protests held by Uruzgan locals about the raid? Mr Faizal says the effect of the killing and the resultant protests has been a negative impact on the Australian mission in Uruzgan. How do you respond?

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