Student Leaders: Crestwood High School

EACH week the Hills News highlights our student leaders.

This week we meet the captains of Crestwood High School at Baulkham Hills. Their motto is 'Vision and Progress'.

What is unique about your school?

Kelly Benson: Very friendly school environment. Great support from teachers, who show interest in the students. 

Emily McCammon: Our school is unique in the high level of respect that is received from both teachers and students. I don’t know how other schools function and their relationships but I do know that I enjoy coming to school because of the friendly atmosphere.

Sarah Ford: The friendly and close knit environment and how all the students work together to achieve a common goal.

Sam Henderson: Our leadership program and how it has changed to involve more people.

What do you want to do when you leave school? 

Kelly Benson: Hopefully get a long term contract with the Parramatta Eels as well as specialising in nutrition.

Emily McCammon: I’m not exactly sure what I want to do when I leave school but am not worried. I have a clear understanding of my interests in English, the arts and communicating and helping people and this gives me a pathway in which to follow in future years.

Sarah Ford: I want to be a PE teacher to encourage students to participate and enjoy sport.

Sam Henderson: I want to go into psychology and see where it takes me.

Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Kelly Benson: To present yourself to your peers and younger students as a great role model.

Emily McCammon: It allows a representative from the school to act on behalf of the student body. This is a high responsibility, along with the many leadership roles that arise that we take part in. The school leaders all work together to help Crestwood High School be the best it can be.

Sarah Ford: To be a good role model and encourage participation with school activities.

Sam Henderson: It can give you further opportunities in life. It can also teach you and others how to be a good leader.

If you were the principal what would like to introduce?

Kelly Benson: More schooling events to allow more opportunities for students to get more involved.

Emily McCammon: I would introduce a higher level of communication within the school, so there is a constant feeling of understanding. In saying that, there is already a high communication in place, but I would like to enhance it to its full potential.

Sarah Ford: I would like to make the students more involved in school decisions.

Sam Henderson: More student groups and organisiations so there is  more participation throughout the school.

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