Outrage at school cuts

MINISTER Andrew Piccoli's announcement last week that recurrent funding to non-government schools would be slashed by $67 million a year from 2013, sent shock waves of fear through both the independent and Catholic school communities.

About 800 TAFE jobs will also be cut with fees to rise by 9.5 per cent.

Our front page this week highlights the repercussions of those cuts on Hills schools.

The Catholic Education Commission is calling it the "biggest threat to NSW Catholic schools in decades".

Unfortunately, we're fairly familiar with the news the state government will cut public education funds, but there shouldn't be funding cuts to any part of the education system.

And, as voters, we must make the governments accountable and the message clear.

Education is our future.

Bishop Anthony Fisher summed up the situation perfectly when he said we didn't want NSW to be labelled the "dumb state".

It's already been banging in our ears that Australia is dropping behind in world standards of reading and maths, when we were once a leading country.

As a mum, I worry our teachers and schools aren't being nurtured and are even being hindered by a lack of cash.

And principal, Danuta Maka, of St Michael's Primary School, says she worries they could lose specialist teachers, training opportunities and funding for special needs kids.

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