Poisoning of tree shock to family

NORTHMEAD resident Amber Hudson thought her family had moved into a safe, friendly neighbourhood until that idea was shattered recently.

The Hudsons had been on holidays for a week in Hobart, only to return and find their home had been violated and their beautiful jacaranda tree poisoned.

"It was quite shocking," Mrs Hudson said.

"Just the way it was done was very aggressive.

"There is a big cut made with a chainsaw or something, right around the middle of the tree.

"And there are one to two-centimetre drill holes all through it, that had been filled with poison."

The tree sits in the centre of the Hudson's backyard in Caprera Road, metres from any boundary.

After calling Parramatta Council to report the incident, Mrs Hudson was told a number of her neighbours had pools.

"I'm not pointing the finger though, we have no idea who it was," she said.

But out of fear for her children's safety, the worried mother wrote to neighbours warning them the poison could have had dire consequences for her kids.

"They're two and one and always playing in the backyard," she said. "When you see purple poison in the garden where the kids play, it's a little scary."

The Hudsons reported the incident to police, who knocked on neighbourhood doors to ask questions, but hold little hope of catching the culprit.

The family moved into their rental home in July and no one had ever complained about falling leaves, she said.

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