Review: Cirque du Soleil's OVO

BUGS often get a bad rap as blood suckers, garden destroyers and annoying pests.

But in Cirque du Soleil’s latest show, OVO,  talented performers dressed in bright and beautifully crafted costumes, portray humourous life-sized bugs, which not only retain the typical insect instincts such as flying, crawling, jumping and buzzing, they also possess a natural talent for acrobatics  — both aerial and floor.

The show is conceived and staged by the Brazilian choreographer, Deborah Colker, and delves deeply into the bug universe, depicting the inner workings of the community — where they eat, flutter, fight, play and even love.

The insects’ home has been designed to be a world of noisy action with moments of raw emotion.

The show follows an attention seeking, gawky-looking blue fly who drops a mysterious egg into the bug kingdom,  causing confusion and  intrigue among its members.

The egg has been used in the show to symbolise the bug life cycle.

However, the egg is also used as an object of greed, with buggy locals fighting for ownership of the egg.

While gaining ownership, each bug tries to uncover the hidden secret of the mysterious egg.

Some think it’s food, while others consider it to be a game or a household object.

As the egg is passed around the bug community, the blue fly sets out to reclaim his egg.

While on the hunt, the blue fly falls in love with a big and strong ladybug, who makes him jump in  leaps and bounds before a long-awaited kiss.

Cirque du Soleil is renowned for the many acrobatic acts which it magically incorporates into a show’s storyline. 

OVO’s acrobatic acts include human juggling, contortion and aerial flying, diabolo, trampolining, hand balancing and slack wire.

All acts succeed in capturing the attention of the audience, right from the opening handstand to the closing flip.

A highlight in OVO is the heart-stopping aerial act which sees a group of scarab beetles soar high above the stage, from both edges to the middle, landing on a platform.

Another wow factor  is the trampoline act which features more than 20 artists running, jumping and walking up an eight-metre vertical wall without artificial support.

The creators of OVO haven’t left any  senses unturned.

As we witness amazing and death-defying acts, groovy musical sounds of bossa nova and samba combined with funk and electro music radiate throughout the bug kingdom.

Overall, the show has everything from thrills to spills, from gasps to laughs.

OVO has something to please all ages.

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