Plenty to beef about on Big Brother

In the days of yesteryear, men challenged each other to duels or fistfights over women. In modern day Australia, they challenge each other to handstand competitions.

Within the last week on Big Brother, the show's latest intruder Sam - better known as "Rambo Sambo" - managed 35 seconds' worth of handstands, Josh managed 3 seconds.

This was all a competition to impress the women, who cheered along in a line of titillated approval.

Yes viewers, we've had six weeks of Big Brother. And it feels like six years.

There must be a catchcry ringing across Australian households right now: "When is this show ever going to end?"

At the moment, the producers of Big Brother have turned the show into a magic pudding of sorts. Every time the public eliminates a contestant, the producers bring in an intruder, to top up the numbers again.

The two intruders, Ava and Sam, have certainly changed the dynamic in the house. But at this stage they appear to have only been good for one thing: Estelle.

The skater girl/law student has found a new best friend in Ava and a potential love interest (well, he's trying anyway) in Sam, the beefcake "Rambo Sambo" who has made all the other blokes uncomfortable, simply because of his biceps. (Viewers may be having flashbacks to Nine's promo at this point, which promised there would be no muscly meatheads in the house...)

With tensions rising between unexpected housemates - a rift between Josh and Michael, a fight between Angie and Layla and assorted resentments brewing here and there, the show builds again towards Sunday night elimination night.

And as usual, there are three people up for eviction, two of them come as no surprise as they are repeat offenders.

Here are the three potential evictees, in no particular order:

  • George, the vacant millionaire. Not even money can make him interesting.
  • Bradley, the geek who never does the washing up.
  • Estelle, who everybody in the house hates, except for her new best friend Ava and her new potential love interest Sam (what will eliminated contestant Ryan be thinking, on the outside?).

Little does fellow housemate Benjamin know that he may have helped Estelle's cause this week, by bitching and bullying her about her possessive new friendship and trying to convince Ava not to be her friend. It was mean-spirited enough to get Estelle some sympathy votes.

Bradley must have a hidden "geek army" of sorts keeps voting for him, but maybe his luck will run out on Sunday night.

And as for George the millionaire?

The dollars can't buy him a vibrant personality - or safety from elimination. But maybe all those declarations of love for his mum will help him gain enough votes to stay in the house.

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