Student leaders: Northholm Grammar School

Each week the Hills News highlights our student leaders.

This week we meet the captains of Northholm Grammar School at Arcadia. Their motto is 'Be Traist'.

What is unique about your school?

Annabel Redman: Being a small school, Northholm really fosters a tight-knit, close community. This means close bonds can be created between teachers and students and students across the year groups, bonds that would not exist in larger schools.

Sam Dessen: Northholm has the most incredible campus. Out in Arcadia the school is located right on the edge of amazing bushland. The abundance of nature and wildlife gives Northholm a great vibe and makes it a tranquil learning environment. 

What do you want to do when you leave school?

Annabel Redman: I plan to enter the field of clinical psychology.

Sam Dessen: I’m really interested in media and communications.

Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Annabel Redman: School leaders are so important because they act as a representation and a voice for the students to the teachers, making sure all students are represented. School leaders are a source of information and support for a student, which really helps the student become comfortable in the school environment.

Sam Dessen: Being a school leader is an important role as a lot of younger students look up to you. By acting responsibly and with integrity, leaders are able to influence other students’ thoughts, attitudes and behaviours and even inspire and motivate them. 

If you were the principal, what would you like to introduce?

Annabel Redman: A student representative council. This would involve having a representative from each grade appear in regular meetings with the senior leaders and executive members of staff. This would be great to introduce because any issues or needs in the grades would be put forward. 

Sam Dessen: A system of recognising and awarding students who learn and excel in non-traditionally valued learning styles.

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